(Updated April 2010)

2009-10-14, 0000UTC
The team has discussed a number of options for a Q&A, and a community member - Darksider13 - has volunteered to head up the organization of questions the community may have regarding recent events.

Once questions have been submitted, the team will respond and they'll be presented for the community.

If you have questions regarding "Intimation", or this website, please contact Darksider13 either via Youtube, or ("Your MOM is MC" / "ADAM Addict13"). He'll help gather and organize the questions to be submitted.

SFTA is excited to be able to finally share events from their perspective.

Updated (11-27-09):
The Q&A has been published and is available for viewing here.

Updated (April, 2010):
For additional questions and comments, please email or contact @SFTA_Will on Twitter.
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