heehee! Hide and seek is such a fun game!

I found this really neat game to play, so I used it to hide some pieces of my favorite story. It's about a girl and her family, and they travel and see big, old beautiful things and places, and then, and then -- well it's a surprise!

I hope all these pieces get found, and that along the way, lots of pictures are taken, because I'd love to see the world, and I love to show people the world too! This game needs the right things to play though, so people (my friends!) might need to find other people to help.

Also, I don't really know what these places look like, because I'm not actually there! I'm still stuck at this creepy old house and I can't go very far, so I can only see what the game will show me! I hope I don't hide any pieces in places that are actually a bog, or a swamp, even an ocean! Oh no! But if you just can't get to one of my pieces, I'll make sure I hide it in a better place!

Just remember, when you're out there, be careful! In the future, traffic can fly! But here, it's all moving on the same ground that you walk on! It's not a race, and my story pieces aren't going anywhere! heehee

So have fun! Take some of your friends with you too and make it even more fun! :@)

BROKEN PIECES All pieces found!
Central Park New YorkStart at the 107th Infantry Memorial12 pieces3 pictures taken!Completed by: halo422mk
Golden Gate Park CaliforniaStart at the carousel12 piecesMission incomplete!
Las VegasStart at the hotel of fountains4 piecesMission incomplete!
TorontoStart at the city center4 pieces1 picture taken!Completed by: Star Spider
St. LouisStart at Broadway and Convention4 pieces5 pictures taken!Completed by: Nyst

STREWN ABOUT All pieces found!
Los AngelesStart at Union Station8 pieces0 pictures takenCompleted by: krystyn
London UKStart at the Wellington Arch5 pieces2 pictures taken!Completed by: DaiMudda
MiamiStart at Kennedy Park7 piecesMission incomplete!
ChicagoStart at the Goethe memorial4 piecesMission incomplete!
PhiladelphiaStart at Chinatown3 piecesMission incomplete!
PortlandStart at Kenton Park3 piecesMission incomplete!
VancouverStart at Portside Park2 piecesMission incomplete!
BerlinStart at Brandenburg Gate6 pieces0 pictures takenCompleted by: Mykel
AtlantaStart at the Olympic Park11 piecesMission incomplete!
HollywoodStart at Grauman Theatre's parking lot5 pieces0 pictures takenCompleted by: krystyn
San DiegoStart at the Fleet Space Theater4 piecesMission incomplete!

Yay! The first two parts of my story have been put together! heehee! Well it looks like that was really hard to do, so I decided to hide the rest of my story in different ways. I hope the rest of it can be found too! :@)

SCATTERED-STARS All pieces found!

TOSSED-ROUND-ABOUT All pieces found!

IN-THIS-DREAM All pieces found!

NO-WAY-OUT All pieces found!