The Society For The Ancients
/ April 10, 2010 /
"Silence fills the empty grave, now that I have gone.
But my mind is not at rest, for questions linger on."
Society Bulletin: This Was The Way...
// WillWriter99
Salutations, friends! It's been a long while since our last significant communication. But we come to you now with a special announcement.

As you know, we've all experienced Naira's story - the traumatic, and literally life-changing events of a little girl. We grew to adore a simple little program named Sys, the sole protector of all that remains of Naira. You, dear friends, have followed their trials and been an important part of their lives. Now Sys's fate, and even that of Naira continuing on in Sacagawea, remain a mystery.

It's at this time, in respect for you the community, we have decided to draw the veil for this interim period. We as a team have heard, read, and listened to you, but as is a typical struggle with creators who also have full time jobs, schooling, and families, it has taken time to consider the route we wish to take and to decide on a plan for the future.

"Intimation", the name you chose for these events, is indeed the prologue to a much larger epic story we call "This Was The Way Their World Ended". We candidly admit that the prologue itself evolved during its life span far more than we ever expected when it initially launch at the end of 2008. It ran for nearly a year with a dynamic story that grew and grew, digging deeper week after week. Initially, it was intended to be released on a schedule as a chapter-based story, or web series, leading in to the primary campaign. However, the amazing interaction received from the community had us constantly on our toes, tweaking the story and our methodology so much that ultimately you began making the story what it ended up being.


...But there are still eggs to be found!

Since the release of the Q&A, only 4 of 48 behind the scenes development nuggets have been located! It's just a little puzzle diversion with secret codes hidden and entirely contained in the Q&A, but we challenge you to find them all!

Go back and revisit the Q&A!
See if you can find the rest!
ALL codes can be found in various ways on that page - tear it apart! When you've got one, travel back across the Stonewall and follow the codes deep into the "cornfield" to retrieve the hidden eggs!
Make Naira proud!
Yes, there were difficult and stressful times, mistakes and hurdles to overcome, but more importantly there were memorable, special moments created by you that truly made the experience wonderful, both for us and - we hope - for you. There were many things about which we can look back and think "that was probably not the best way to do it!" But, as with any creative process, you live and you learn. And you know what they say about hindsight - it's a bitch.

And so now in 2010, we have decided to come forward and share about this project, officially and candidly. We are a team of Halo fans and creative minds, who simply wish to explore its universe and open the door to create a story and an experience. We've decided to alter our direction slightly for this project: while we intended initially for it as a whole to take the shape of a traditional ARG, we've come to realize that what we have is more of a grand adventure, a story that wants to be told, yet needs participants to do so! So out of love and respect for all of you who have stuck around through thick and thin, we want to be up front with you and with ourselves - we want to produce something to which our hearts are fully in tune, and we invite you on the journey with us.

There is an epic story we have to tell, and it will be told - but it is incomplete without you. We are still in developmental stages, but we do hope to have it ready to launch later in 2010. We also want to officially shed any doubt or confusion about this project, and hopefully regain some support from the Halo community in general that may have been lost due to the apparent confusion near the launch of the prologue. That is this: Yes, we are a grassroots team of Halo fans, and any existing properties we refer to are owned by Microsoft and Bungie, and all that takes place here falls under the realm of fan-fiction. However, we implore you - we aren't "fake", nor "a hoax"! We love Halo as much as you, and we also want to explore this vast universe that's been created. And we can tell you that coming down the pipeline is an adventure you won't want to miss.

We would love for you, and for other Halo fans in the community, to keep watch and be prepared for the launch of this epic adventure that's in the works. Because of you, the groundwork has been laid, and a destiny is on its way to being fulfilled. The Society For The Ancients will be around, keeping you updated and informed, and always open for new members! The VEIL initiative will push forward, and as members you'll get the first taste of what's to come! We haven't seen the last of Sys - and who knows who else we may meet on this journey that spans many millennia, even beyond the gates of our own galaxy!

Keep watch, ye keepers of the flame! For there may also still be more goodies to come!

SFTA is not a subset of, subsidiary of, or affiliated in any way with "Bungie, LLC" or "Microsoft Corporation". The Society For The Ancients is an independent entity, acting apart from any influential, partial guidance. We observe and make reference to their productions, but all rights are reserved for them.
They have our support for their productions as we continue to strive to fulfill our role in protecting and discovering the future.
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