The Society For The Ancients
/ November 27, 2009 /
"It's finished."
"No, I think we're just getting started."

Hello fellow Society members, and happy American Thanksgiving to our members in the United States! We bring you a brief update in this issue, touching on a few significant topics.

"Halo" has been receiving much press recently with the distribution of a number of new properties, solidifying the fictional and entertaining nature of the franchise. Nevertheless, SFTA remains vigilant in observing and keeping watch for those who would seek to use this knowledge for ill. We are the Keepers of the Flame.
Society Bulletin: VEIL Initiative
// WillWriter99
Friends, the initiative is well on its way! As one element of the VEIL, the communications received by Sys and Naira are being gathered into a self-contained story. Chapter 1 of this story has been completed - and approved - published in the community fan-fiction collection.

The story is named "Naira's Shipwreck" (suggested by 7urducken), and Chapter 1 can be read here. In taking on this writing task, I also recently opened the Twitter account SFTA_Will as a means of announcing, sharing, and observing.

Chapter 2 is nearing completion and is almost ready for submission. Recent weeks have been unsurprisingly busy. I've had great interest in poring over the stories that are compiled in the new Halo anthology Halo: Evolutions. Of great interest to the Society is that of how much knowledge of future events has actually been gained, as revealed through past incidents.

With my role now as primary writer in the VEIL initiative, I will be paying attention to the Twitter account. If you are a Twitter user, I will be happy to network with you, and together we can help increase the reach and scope of our Society For The Ancients.
Surveillance Operations
// h00ahchick
Recent Subjects
"Eridanos" is still a mystery. We've been unable to locate him, or find traces of his activity - we're still in the dark here. We do have a lead though on our old friend Erik, aka "Essyfan". We've received reports of activity in an account that may belong to our subject, on Xbox Live. It seems he's recently purchased a gold membership and has been playing some Halo online. His skill-- well, that's another matter.

We understand the possibility that Erik may read this, that he may know we are keeping an eye on him. We're not out for blood. This is simply what we do. We observe that which we believe to be associated in some way with the foretold events that are still to come.

Announcement: TWTWTWE Q&A
It's been a long time in coming. Our volunteer team, however, has completed their work and reviewed the questions that have been submitted thanks to community and Society member Darksider13.

There has been extensive discussion within the team about how best to present this question and answer article for public consumption. It's been decided that the wait has been long enough, and the entire set of questions as it stands now is best to be released in one shot.

We hope this will be as fun to read as it was to create. You are more than welcome to share it - as a matter of fact we encourage it.

Please keep in mind that there are still future events that haven't come to pass, and so under the VEIL initiative, we are considering these recent events to be the "Prologue", which we believe to have laid the foundation for what is to come.

And on that note, we release "This Was The Way Their World Ended: Prologue Q&A" for dissection.
Final Words
Please remember that SFTA membership is open, and any interested parties need only email asking to join. We are not concerned about public knowledge of our communications, as we are confident that they will simply fuel the perception that we are a crazy bunch of crackpots. In that light, by all means, continue to spread the word to people you think would be interested in joining our Society. Blind belief in our mission and that the knowledge we possess is truly indicative of future events is not a necessity.

Finally we, the Society, want to encourage all our members to remember the future that is yet to come. Value it, protect it - even knowing our enemies, and the trials and catastrophes that are sure to take place in our distant future. At times when we feel we can change the future for the better, even to the point of vanquishing our enemies, we must remember that we would not then know what the ultimate outcome of our actions will be or what unknown atrocities may potentially become a reality. Our safest course of action is to protect what we know is yet to come. As long as we have the knowledge we do about events on the horizon, we know that our future - and future itself is safe.

Please do your best to continue observing all that is produced in the "Halo" franchise. The latest release entitled "Halo 3: ODST" is not the last of the entertainment productions that are sure to contain elements of truth about humanity's future. For if we are diligent and discerning in what we learn about the future, and the past, we will always have a leg up on our adversaries - those would take advantage of this knowledge for their own personal gain without a hint of concern for potential repurcussions.

The Society has been given a new breath of life this year. But don't forget, just because we've been given intimations of the future, that does not mean no one else is watching or listening. Be careful, and godspeed.

SFTA is not a subset of, subsidiary of, or affiliated in any way with "Bungie, LLC" or "Microsoft Corporation". The Society For The Ancients is an independent entity, acting apart from any influential, partial guidance. We observe and make reference to their productions, but all rights are reserved for them.
They have our support for their productions as we continue to strive to fulfill our role in protecting and discovering the future.
If you wish to void your membership with the SFTA, simply reply to stating your request.
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