The Society For The Ancients
/ October 10, 2009 /
First and foremost, SFTA wants to extend a warm welcome to its newest members!
With the apparent conclusion of the events involving (or Primary Network Tentacle, the home of our beloved A.I. "Sys"), The Society decided to begin a new era in its life. Along with this new distribution method and communication hub, we're opening the doors again to accept new, dedicated individuals. Our first invitation went out to those who had shown skill and determination at locating and 'rescuing' memories of children kidnapped by Scorpio, who in doing so also made it possible to save Naira, and ultimately restore Sacagawea.
We are honored to have them join us.
Society Bulletin: VEIL Initiative
// WillWriter99
Hello again, friends! I have wonderful news - the counsel, after weeks of deliberation and compromise, has come to a decision regarding my proposed VEIL Initiative: It has been approved! This means that beginning immediately, I will be overseeing the production of a series of narratives with the intent to re-tell the events surrounding the recent "Shipwreck" in accordance with our mission to disguise the Truth in plain sight. Our vehicle of distribution will be the popular fan-fiction community hosted by Halo.Bungie.Org.

Our first step in this initiative is to begin telling a story based on Naira's very own memories. The tentative title for this series, which I will be heading up, is "The Naira Chronicles". If any members have what they feel is a better title, I'm open to suggestions (please reply and include Attn:WillWriter99).

Our second step will be forming a contingent of writers to create additional stories centering around the children Naira was close to. The stories needn't be limited to the names we know, however, but may also be based on what Naira's revealed to us about her experience. This series will be tentatively named "The Lost Children". Once again, I am open to naming suggestions.

I, for one, am quite excited about this initiative, and look forward to seeing what our Society can produce. The more we continue to distract the public from the Truth about the future that's been revealed to us, the safer our future will be.
Surveillance Operations
// h00ahchick
Over the years, the Society has had its fare share of run-ins with the FCC. While many people have been interested in the Ancients much like us, most have been misguided. We've been doing our best, however, to track the FCC. We've always felt that something was not quite right about them.

When we first heard of them years ago, they claimed to be an environmental cleanup company. We have not seen any overtly public activity under that name since the events surrounding "Iris", but the limited observations we have lead us to believe that they, too, are looking for knowledge of the Ancients and that their motives are not benign.

We are continuing our observations and research, and would appreciate any reports from SFTA members of suspicious activity that may be associated with this covert organization of "little grey men" into which we can look further.
Recent Subjects
We have unfortunate news regarding "Eridanos". After he was once again threatened by Erik, he decided to disappear again and managed to elude our surveillance team in the process -- we've lost his trail. That is one skilled, slippery individual.

Additionally, last we knew of Erik (which incidentally, we don't believe is his real name), he had created a username on Microsoft's Xbox Live network in order to play video games online. Our observations show he only connects occasionally, and that he doesn't appear to show much skill. At this point, his specific whereabouts are still unknown, however we know he was not far from Eridanos.

Our surveillance team is working hard to locate and continue observing these individuals.
Getting to know...
For this installment, we spoke with fellow SFTA member "Henry":

Henry has spent over two decades as a museum director. He has seen all sorts of artifacts from throughout history, but it was an incredibly minor one that led him to SFTA. "It was just a small thing," he says, remembering, "I first saw it just in passing. It was quite old; came out of some small dig in Kenya that had recently lost its funding, as I recall. Oh, I'd seen other fascinating little hints of an unusual culture. Miserable little bits and pieces, hardly enough to notice unless you had seen a lot of diverse archaeological artifacts.

"But it was that tiny, perfectly geometric chunk of metal that attracted me. Something about the designs, impossibly precise and seemingly inhuman. They caught the light so strangely...I had to learn more, see if it was just some flight of fancy. That was when I found the Society."

Unfortunately, Henry's tentative attempts to share his insight with other members of the academic community have met only with mockery. He has retained his position and now aids the Society by letting us know of other strange finds that may have a connection to the Ancients.
SFTA Media Assets
The SFTA design team has provided a new batch of assets that members can use in public circles such as homepages, social networking, profiles, blogs, etc. These assets will help solidify our "crackpot" public presence, which will once again be gaining visibility as the foretold events draw nearer. Members are encouraged to adopt and utilize any of these items, or create assets of their own, and begin preparing our public façade.

Any and all means of misdirecting the public and furthering the misconception of our name will make our upcoming job that much easier. We will report on the efforts made by our members to help inspire others.

3D [100x100] PNG | GIF
Flat [100x100] PNG | GIF
[1100x1100] PNG
"Aliens haven't landed..." [640x25] | [200x200]
"The truth is not out there..." [640x25] | [200x200]
"The flood was real!" [640x25] | [200x200]
"Pig noses save lives..." [640x25] | [200x200]
"Learn from past mistakes..." [640x25] | [200x200]
"Don't let them fool you..." [640x25] | [200x200]
Final Words
Please remember that SFTA membership is open, and any interested parties need only email asking to join. We are not concerned about public knowledge of our communications, as we are confident that they will simply fuel the perception that we are a crazy bunch of crackpots. In that light, by all means, continue to look for people you think would be interested in joining our Society. Blind belief in our mission and that the knowledge we possess is truly indicative of future events is not a necessity.

Public Forum
A few members have volunteered to meet and discuss publicly the events surrounding "TWTWE", but in the roles of creators of a game. This will be another essential step in solidifying these events as fiction, and not as reflective of actual future events. SFTA will claim full creative responsibility and the individuals will remain anonymous for obvious safety reasons. The time and venue for this discussion will need to be negotiated and finalized, ideally moderated by a public representative.

It must be made known that we believe the recent series of events has completed to their foretold outcome, and we are now in a stage of preparation for the next set of events which have yet to be made clear. We are watching, and waiting.

Finally we, the Society, want to encourage all our members to remember the future that is yet to come. Value it, protect it - even knowing our enemies, and the trials and catastrophes that are sure to take place. At times when we feel we can change the future for the better, even to the point of vanquishing our enemies, we must remember that we do not know what the ultimate outcome of our actions will be or what unknown atrocities may potentially become reality. Our safest course of action is to protect what we know is yet to come. As long as we have the knowledge we do about events on the horizon, we know that our future - and future itself is safe.

Please do your best to continue observing all that is produced in this "Halo" franchise. The latest release entitled "Halo 3: ODST" is not the last of the entertainment productions that are sure to contain elements of truth about humanity's future. For if we are diligent and discerning in what we learn about the future, and the past, we will always have a leg up on our adversaries - those would take advantage of this knowledge for their own personal gain without a hint of concern for potential repurcussions.

The Society has been given a new breath of life this year. But don't forget, just because we've been given intimations of the future, that does not mean no one else is watching or listening. Be careful, and godspeed.

SFTA is not a subset of, subsidiary of, or affiliated in any way with "Bungie, LLC" or "Microsoft Corporation". The Society For The Ancients is an independent entity, acting apart from any influential, partial guidance. We observe and make reference to their productions, but all rights are reserved for them.
They have our support for their productions as we continue to strive to fulfill our role in protecting and discovering the future.
If you wish to void your membership with the SFTA, simply reply to stating your request.
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